John 5:5-6 One who was there had been an invalid for thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there and learned that he had been in this condition for a long time, he asked him, “Do you want to get well?”

God’s desire for his people is that they be made whole. This means not only salvation but healing of physical and emotional wounds that hinder us in our walk with Him. Many times the events of our past create injuries and build blockages that prevent us from the fullness of relationship with not only God but others in our lives and keep us from fulfilling His plan for us.

Our passion is to work with the Holy Spirit to minister healing in all areas. Through Biblical based counseling, deliverance and emotional healing God has provided a way to break free from even the deepest bondages.  We commit to work together with you and the Holy Spirit to allow God to heal your past and change your future! God longs to restore you to even more than you ever thought was possible.  Nothing is impossible with Him!

Dr. Phillip Morris, Highlands Texas

Dr. Morris is a specialist in spiritual warfare and deliverance. His heart’s desire is to educate the Body of Christ about how to become victorious in their everyday lives.  After battling with the kingdom of darkness for over thirty years, Dr. Morris has produced many resources in order to strengthen the church.

You will find on this website a store with many CD’s, DVD’s, books, pamphlets, etc., for you to purchase and strengthen your walk with God. He also conducts seminars, schools, and other trainings to prepare the church on this subject as well.

Dr. Morris prays this website helps you in your destiny!

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  • Darin Ogle
    3 years ago

    Hey Dr. Morris.

    I’m the Darin Ogle that used to hang out with Meschelle. I left both Wayne Byrd and Mark Reetz and returned to my church earlier this year and since then I have been growing with the Lord. I have been listening to some of your podcasts and honestly I have to be open with you. There is a dark background in my family. Growing up my first church that I was involved with was not Christian but their teachings were more along the lines of Masonic. Speaking of which there was 33rd Degree Masonry on both sides of my family. I have gone through some of the Bob Larson Curse Breaking Prayers as God has led me to and although I never worshipped GAOTU I had family members that did and I have broken ties with GAOTU because I know at 33 GAOTU is revealed as Satan. Dangerous doctrine but there are so many in churches that think that this is ok. I had to distance myself from Meschelle because my trust was broken in her. And I realize that the ministry that she is involved with has roots with Jesus Culture and Bethel and I was feeling in the spirit that something was going on there that wasn’t right. God bless you brother Phil Hoping you can help me. I have gone through some of the breaking of some of the Masonic blood curses and oaths and vows and had to go line by line on it. But I know that there is more that needs to be done. I have broken all the soul ties that God has revealed that need to be broken . What am I missing? On top of that I spent years playing the video game Skyrim and God has revealed to me just how terrible that game is and how demonic it is. What needs to be done?

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